About the knifemaker – Johan Cornelissen

Johan CornelissenMy passion for all things weaponry started as a small boy, along with my curiosity to figure out how things work and are made. So when I bought my first handmade knife in 2016, my interest was piqued, and I asked the maker to show me the basics.

I went on to build my own grinder, then a year later bought a second one. You could say I was hooked, and from that “I think I can do this myself” moment, Eagle Blades was born.
A love of wildlife, nature and the outdoors means I have a passion for working with natural materials – bone, horn and indigenous wood – and my training as a polymer chemist sparked my interest in combining these with manmade materials like polyester resin, epoxy and urethanes.

All Eagle Blades knives are unique, custom-made pieces designed and built around the owner’s interests and requirements in type of materials, design and ultimate use. Getting to know the customer drives my creativity in creating a one-of-kind knife that’s personal to its owner and will be treasured for years to come either as a working tool or display piece.

As a child I watched my dad stitch leather in his spare time and those memories come back in the hand-making of custom, personalised sheaths for each unique knife.

I love rising to the challenge of customers’ requests for new and different materials and knife designs or restoring treasured old blades to their former glory – seeing a piece shaped by my hands in the hands of a proud owner, gives me joy.

I have three knives bearing the Eagle Blades mark. A beautifully crafted Japanese Santoku (chopping, cutting), a Jeep Edition bush knife and a one of my older kitchen knives lovingly restored by Johan. The kitchen knives I use on a daily basis and enjoy the utility of the Santoku immensely. The Jeep Edition blade takes pride of place in my collection. These blades are all crafted with care and precision. The handles are made for comfort and ease of use. There is nothing like using a trusty knife made by hand, and crafted with so much care.

Clifford Graham Kent

I am the extremely proud owner of this masterpiece which my children commissioned for my birthday. Perfect fit in my hand, perfect to cut only the finest biltong and a treasure which I'm sure my grandchildren will fight over when I'm no longer.!!

Des Muller

Thank you Johan for Alan Saunders beautiful handmade steak knife set, with personalized box.
Birthday boy was very happy

Rachel van Dyk

Quick and friendly service. Awesome selection of knives to choose from. Very happy and impressed

Hestia King